Hydrogen Transport You Can Trust

Find out how we reliably deliver high-pressure hydrogen to fueling stations all over California.

Safe and Reliable Hydrogen Transport

You need a hydrogen supplier who can safely and reliably deliver fuel to your station. Here's why our solutions made us the number one supplier of high-pressure transport trailers to operators of fueling stations in California.

  • Our proprietary valves ensure the safe transport of hydrogen.

  • Our smaller trailers allow trucks to quickly get in and out of the fueling station.

  • High-pressure, Type III cylinders allow for more hydrogen to be delivered in a single load.

  • Type III cylinders provide significant weight savings for your payload for transporting more fuel.

A Hydrogen Partner that Grows with You.

BayoTech grows alongside your fleet. Start with direct hydrogen delivery and move to onsite storage, compression and dispensing when you're ready. When the time comes, we'll help you transition to compact, efficient onsite hydrogen production. Our services include:

  • Direct hydrogen refuelling from our gas transport modules.

  • Hydrogen delivery and storage via high-pressure, high-capacity transport trailers.

  • Onsite hydrogen production with our highly efficient, compact and scalable hydrogen hubs.




Solutions for Fuel Cell Operators

Whether it’s a fleet of zero-emission buses, trucks, drones or forklifts, your fuel cell equipment needs hydrogen. Take the worry out of hydrogen supply with BayoTech’s fuel and infrastructure solutions.


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Bulk Hydrogen Transport Trailers

BayoTech’s HyFillTM  line of bulk hydrogen transport trailers carries up to three times more hydrogen per load than traditional steel tube trailers. Higher payload means more sites can be refueled from each trailer, lowering transportation costs and increasing driver productivity.


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Together, the world has recognized the need to take urgent action to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Transitioning to a clean, low-carbon energy system has become a priority for communities, governments, and businesses globally.


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Questions about carbon intensity in hydrogen production?