Fueling the Future of Mobility: Reliable & Economical Hydrogen Supply Solutions

What you will learn?

Available options for hydrogen supply

Comparison of liquid and gaseous delivery methods

Onsite hydrogen production

How to choose the appropriate supply method


Who is it for?

  • Transit agencies
  • Truck fleet operators
  • Fuel Cell Equipment Operators
  • Anyone who needs an accessible and reliable supply of hydrogen fuel
  • Anyone interested in building efficient hydrogen infrastructure 

More Hydrogen Insights



Why High-Pressure Trailers are the Future of Hydrogen Transport

More and more, customers are recognizing the high energy costs associated with the liquification as well as the high carbon intensity impact of liquifying hydrogen, which makes it uncompetitive with higher pressure gas transports.


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Gas Transit Modules

The Gas Transportation Module (GTM) Series from BayoTech is the smart, flexible way to transport large quantities of compressed gas in a small footprint.


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Minimizing Hydrogen Transport Costs with BayoTech's HyFill™ Trailers

Our HyFill™ trailers are leading the hydrogen gas market by offering maximum payload and driver productivity, while adhering to U.S. Department of Transportation truck weight limits. Discover the cost-saving benefits of using out trailers as gas distributors face the challenge of reducing operating costs. 


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